Not Sure Of The Correct Tools To Use?

Tools of the Trade

You have chosen the ideal floor tile be it Limestone, Marble, Travertine, Polished Porcelain or any other tile: and having listened to the advice given on the subject of cleaning sealing and aftercare for the floor, you are ready to proceed with the work yourself.

However the chances are that no one has mentioned tools and accessories designed to make the task of cleaning sealing and aftercare easy and effective.

LTP have recently developed a range of quality tools and accessories which are ‘fit for purpose’ and whilst they might cost slightly more than supermarket alternatives, these tools will more than make up for the extra cost due to their quality and ability to do the job quickly and efficiently.

The range of LTP Tools and Accessories comprises the following:

LTP Universal 4 piece HandleLTP_T_30_4pc_black_handle

Easy to assemble 4 piece handle. This tough handle with its multi use fitting comes in 4 sections for ease of transport and maximum flexibility.

LTP Pad HolderLTP_T_34_Pad_Holder

This pad holder is designed to hold either the sealant applicator pad, or the two emulsifying pads, attached to the 4 pcs handle (sold separately) it enables work to be carried out from a standing position. Chemically resistant.

LTP Deck Brush RedLTP_T_32_Deck_Brush

Multi-directional stiff bristled professional scrubbing brush. Ideal for removal of ingrained dirt, oil, grease and other stains from textured stone and tiled surfaces. Fits the LTP 4 pcs handle(sold separately)

LTP Sealant Applicator PadLTP_T_35_Sealant_Applicator

100% colourfast lint free sealant applicator pad to ensure even application of water or solvent based sealers. Fits onto the LTP pad holder (sold separately).

LTP Emulsifying Pad BlackLTP_T_38_Emulsifying_pad_black

Assists removal of stubborn films including grout residue from textured surfaces. Fits onto the LTP pad holder (sold separately)

LTP Emulsifying Pad WhiteLTP_T_37_Emulsifying_pad_white

Gentle cleaning for polished and other delicate surfaces. Ideal for working intensive cleaning solutions into tiles, grout and stone surfaces.Fits onto the LTP pad holder (sold separately)

LTP Grout Brush RedLTP_T_31_Grout_Brush

V shaped professional stiff bristled brush specifically designed for cleaning grout. Fits into the LTP 4 pcs handle (sold separately).

LTP Claw Brush RedLTP_T_33_Claw_Brush_a copy

A handy brush ideal for reaching into difficult corners, grout joints or any where that two tiled surfaces meet. Hand held or fits onto standard 4 pcs handle.

LTP Buffing Cloth Blue (2pk)LTP_T_36_Buffing_Cloth

Lint free colourfast microfibre quality cloth for buffing off excess sealer and finishing waxed surfaces. Buffs smooth stone to a perfect streak free finish.

LTP Coarse Pad Black with HandleLTP_T_26_Black with handle - Copy

Heavy duty emulsifying pad. Assists removal of stubborn films including grout residue. Not to be used on delicate surfaces

LTP Smooth Pad White With HandleLTP_T_27_White with handle - Copy

For use on more delicate surfaces, like polished marble,polished porcelain and some Limestones

For more information and to buy please click here

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