LTP cleaning of natural stone

Cleaning tips for natural stone wall and floor tiles

When is intensive stone or deep cleaning required?

  • As an important stage in the installation process of wall and floor tiles.
  • Where poorly maintained natural stone floor tiles need a top up seal.
  • When restoring natural stone wall or floor tiles.
  • For routine cleaning of unsealed external patios and paved areas.

Why would newly installed wall or floor tiles require intensive cleaning?

Keeping natural stone wall and floor tiles scrupulously clean before and during the fixing process, is vitally important. Intensive cleaning of stone floors and walls before application of the correct protective sealing product will make sure the result does not disappoint. Installing stone flooring and worktops by nature creates grit, dirt and adhesive residues. Ensuring that a vacuum is used (being careful not to scratch the surface) to remove loose dirt from your new stone floor or worktop will not address stains and residue marks. Simply washing stone flooring in water will not be effective in removing ingrained marks or adhesive. Using standard household cleaning products that often contain bleach is likely to damage the surface of your newly installed natural stone floor or wall. You should make sure that the correct cleaning product is used for the natural stone material being installed. Need more information about surfaces? Visit our identify your surface selector.

Selecting the correct intensive cleaning product for your natural stone flooring or wall tiles

LTP has developed a range of four intensive cleaning products that offer intensive cleaning solutions for most commercial and domestic applications. Each of our intensive cleaning products has been designed to address the needs of specific circumstances related to artificial and natural stone. We have solutions for all types of natural and artificial stone flooring, granite countertops and fireplace surrounds. Ensuring you have the correct product for the task by simply contacting our Technical Helpline on +44 (0) 1823 666213.

Removing grout stains1. LTP Grout Stain Remover (1&5 litre containers)

An intensive cleaning solution for removal of cement and grout residues from stone flooring and wall tiles. Extremely effective against mineral salt formations (efflorescence) and the removal of plaster and dust stains. Useful for routine cleaning of unsealed patios and other outside paved areas. LTP Grout Stain Remover may be used on glazed ceramics, quarry tiles, terracotta and some stone. (Do not use on limestone, marble or other acid sensitive surfaces.) Buy LTP Grout Stain Remover



Cleaning grime from natural stone2. LTP GRIMEX (1&5 litre containers)

The answer to stubborn grime, oil, old layers of wax or acrylic and even rubber sole marks on terracotta and natural stone flooring. Ideal for removing ingrained dirt and grime, both internally and externally. Suitable for use on glazed and unglazed tiles this product is excellent for renovating old quarry tiles, terracotta, slate, stone, marble, stone fireplaces and can be used to clean brick and external paving.
Buy LTP Grimex >>



Removing oxidised linseed oil3. LTP POWER STRIPPER (1&5 litre containers)

For removing existing layers of sealer from tiles. One of the few intensive cleaning products on the market capable of breaking down oxidised boiled linseed oil and beeswax from the surface of terracotta. Powerful amines, ammonia and alkalinity penetrate and help lift the hardest, heaviest films. Ideal for intensive cleaning of heavily contaminated vitrified quarry tiles, limestone, travertine, sandstone, slate, glazed ceramics and porcelain. Strips most things first time thereby minimising labour costs. Buy LTP Power Stripper >>

Removing tick layers of sealant4. LTP SOLVEX (1&5 litre cans)

A powerful non-caustic stripper that softens most types of solvent based surface sealer, which can then be removed with ease. Suitable for removing most wax, oil, emulsion and polyurethane sealers. Will not discolour or damage natural stone, slate, terracotta or quarry tile surfaces. After washing and rinsing, surfaces are ideal for re-sealing. Buy LTP Solvex >>

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