LTP Blackstone turns back the clock at George & Dragon

LTP has helped the George & Dragon restore the paving of its popular south-facing beer garden in Dartmouth. The Kandla Black natural limestone paving – after just three years exposure to the Devon sunlight and weathering – had faded from its original ’black’ / dark grey to an innocuous light grey.  LTP’s Blackstone sealer and restorer was chosen to restore the stone’s dark finish and aestheticcontrast between the paving and white walls with grey/green structural steelwork and roof tiles.

G&D_LTP-4 Application of Second Coat_crop.jpg

The George & Dragon has been a public house for over 200 years and its large paved beer garden is next to and bordered by a historic natural stone wall, once the end of the former shipyards on the foreshore.  The venue’s tardis-like interior now blends old and new, with many original features, as does the paved beer garden that is popular for alfresco dining and live music in the summer.

G&D Garden Return to Black Completed-2.jpg

TheKandla Black limestone paving was originally laid in 2015.  As well as restoring the aesthetic and protecting the stone, the owners also wanted to make the paving easier to clean and remove food and drink spillages. However, they did not want an unnatural, glossy finish, or a ‘wet-look’ they had seen produced by paving sealers elsewhere, which would then be quick to wear in trafficked areas, leaving an unattractive, patchy result.

G&D_LTP_ Garden Return to Black Completed.jpg

LTP Blackstone is a safe, water-dispersed, impregnating, colour enhancing paving sealer that is applied in 2-3 coats – before being ‘cut-back’ with a dilute solution of LTP Powerstripper to give a uniform finish.  The treated surface can be walked on just four hours after the final application and can be returned to normal use within 1 or 2 days.


The George & Dragon treated the limestone paving just two weeks before the Dart Music festival, when over a three-day period more than 200 visitors dined and danced on the treated paved surface.  LTP’s Blackstone sealer and restorer withstood this extremely well and the owner is “delighted” with the results.

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